Saturday, October 16, 2021

Last of the Corn Stalks

Luke left to bale the last of the corn stalks.

Today was also the day to put the cows out on the cover crop.

They were all napping peacefully in the pasture

but quickly got very excited to go out!

Look at that!
Belly deep in field radishes and turnips and oats and rye and grasses...

and they all head for the far fence line

and proceed to eat the ditch grass

on the other side of the fence.  😕

Thursday, October 14, 2021

The Last of My SD Trip

 Saturday was a change in weather.
It was a good thing we did our hiking when we did.
We just did some errands and lazy stuff Saturday.
Renee flew in late Saturday night.
After church Sunday
we watched neighbors work on their back yard for a bit.

And then we got to work.
We went through and sorted 
and organized 1/2 birthday goodies for next year!

Renee and I went on a long walk after supper.
Cookie Cutter Hill was our last block before heading home.

Monday morning Renee and I left right after breakfast to head back to Minnesota.
Again, we had a great drive home together
after a wonderful time with Mom and Dad!

Roughlock Falls

Time got away from me.
Now I'm back to another post from the trip to Mom and Dad's.
We continued our Friday drive with another hike.
This one was Roughlock Falls.

Great hiking partners!

Some of the leaves were gone 
so I missed the beauty of them.

But since they were gone

we were able to see more of the beauty of the falls
because the leaves were not blocking the view!

Dad happened to look in his review mirror 
on our drive back home 
and spotted this.
Of course we turned around to go back for pictures.
We couldn't go in.
Man, oh man, did I want to!
So many questions without answers.

Then we found another log cabin that is being fixed up.

Mom was able to read the sign from the forest department
explaining what it was.
Seems kind of silly to have a sign in the middle of a cattle pasture 
that is too far away for people to read 
and it isn't even written in moo-ese for the cattle to read.

After a delicious Mexican dinner
that was eaten while watching wedding photos being taken 
on an antique red couch in the middle of a pasture
it was time for a drive through a ritzy neighborhood
and head home to relax.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Spearfish Falls Trail

 After our fun with the binoculars

we went to hike the Spearfish Falls Trail

It was quite a bit shorter 

and flatter than Thursday's hike.

The falls were gorgeous.

The weather was great

and so were my hiking companions.

One more hike post to go!

Friday, October 8, 2021

Friday's Fun

Mom and I went errand running this morning
while Dad had a tele-meeting.
We took off about 11:00 for a day of sight seeing and hiking.
Our first stop was to see an abandoned farm down in a valley.

It was on private property
and far away.
So we got creative!

It took some trial and error

and our next attempts will be better.

But we got some fun pictures 

by shooting through the binoulars.

Love the dug out under the tree!

More pictures tomorrow.
There are too many to go through tonight!

Thursday, October 7, 2021

A Solo Trip to SD

I decided to make a solo trip to Mom and Dad's
on Wednesday.
I made it in only 11 hours and 4 minutes!

Our adventure today was to hike 

Boulder Hill 

and Flume Trail.

I like pictures of dead stumps and blue skies!

We couldn't have asked for a much nicer day.

The hike was possibly a little tougher than we anticipated

but it was beautiful.

We stopped for lunch on a slanted log.

Yes, I brought my crocheting along 
and did a little during the lunch break!

Part of the hike took us through a people gate in a barbed wire fence

and on to ranch land.

There's not much for the cattle to eat

but at least they have amazing scenery!

This was where we decided to turn around 
rather than go rock climbing.

We were all ready for a nap at the end of our adventure!

But instead we are planning our outing for tomorrow

before we crash for the night.

I am so happy that the fall colors are still here!

It was a super day
and I am looking forward to another one tomorrow!