Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Spoiled Baby

There is a serious possibility that 
Celsius may be spoiled.

Maybe really spoiled.

She's not too sure about Hershey and Tess,

but she LOVES her people!
She follows right on our heels and walks on our feet.

Time to go in for the night, ladies.

 No one was too anxious to get up and move 
after nap time Sunday.

Friday, May 17, 2024

Just Because They Are So Cute

The cows and calves were let out on the pasture a week ago.
Amos was lovin' it!

Theodore is still a bottle calf,
but he mooches off all of the moms all day long.

Sunflower is very protective of Sunkist.

Is Crush adorable or what?!

Cheyenne has been informed of the consequences 
if she doesn't shape up and take care of Celsius.
So far she doesn't care.

So Celsius and Theodore are bottle babies.
Theodore only gets it because he's adorable and he begs for it!

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Northern Lights

I sat outside

in total awe

of God's artwork.

I didn't know what I was doing

so the pictures are not perfect by a long shot.

But even if they were,

the true beauty of God's handiwork

could not be captured.

Sunday, May 5, 2024

Miss Celsius

The smallest calf we've ever had was 61 pounds.  
That was several years ago.
And then this little girl came along
to finish off the year.

Here she is next to Theodore who is the smallest of the twins.

24 hours after birth she weighed in at 39 pounds!

She is a teeny-tiny little spaz-o-matic!

So, to bring the calving season to an end,
Cheyenne had tiny, little Miss Celsius!


I like when the weeks go like this.
Five of them in 6 days.
On the 22nd
Nunie had Fanta

             and Snowbird had Schweppes.

Thursday, Havana had Fresca.

Dove had Crush on Friday.

To finish out the week
B-1 had the 22nd calf of the year,

Monday, April 22, 2024

Theodore and Amos

Gotta love the shed cameras!
Thursday night at 9:30 I checked the cameras from bed.
And then I got Ben and Elsie up.
Alyeska had her calf and decided she wasn't interested.
It took quite a bit of convincing
and Ben reminded her 
that we have appointments already made at A & M in 10 days 
and he is willing to substitute her for one of the steers.
She finally agreed to do her part.
But she's not super happy about it.

 Accelerator wanted to cuddle up with Elsie 
after she helped him get lunch on Friday.

During chore time Friday,
while it was 31* and 25 mph winds and snow flurries,
we discovered that Polly had just had her calf, Sprite.

Then the exciting one!

I checked the cameras at 1:15 Saturday morning.
It took me a bit to decide for sure and then Paul confirmed it,
so I got Ben and Elsie again.
Zelda had just had twins!
She was very confused and didn't want both of them.
Ben got one on her
while I sprinkled corn on the other one 
to convince Zelda to pay attention to him.

Zelda was not sure at all about the whole deal.

Elsie gave one of them a bottle
while Ben got the other one on Zelda.

At 2:45 a.m. they made one more effort to get both calves on 
before we headed back in 
for showers and a few more hours of sleep.



and Amos!

Saturday, April 20, 2024


Time for a little catch up.
Last Friday, the 12th, Olympia had Big Red.

Saturday, Peaches had Starry.

Monday we picked up the pace a little.
Sunflower had Sunkist,

and Winona had Cola.

Tuesday was two again.
Lovey had Prime,

 and Kia had Mr. Pibb.

Stay tuned.  More coming soon.